Unleashing Creativity

large audio disc.gif

Did you know that the first audio discs developed were approximately 12 inches in diameter, the same large size as a phonograph record? Even in the late 1970s, the disc didn’t have to be so big, but it was. So why was it made to resemble its predecessor – the phonograph record?  Previous boundary and constraint had crept in to the design process which blocked new ideas and original thinking.

Creativity doesn't just happen. It’s a discipline. It’s intentional and when invited in, it’s a tool you can use to help solve simple and complex problems.

As a design engineer, I tap into my creative self on every project.  This includes gathering ideas, tools and methods needed to solve problems in an imaginative manner.

First, I identify the problem to be solved and determine what will constitute a successful solution. Next, I eliminate as many distractions as possible so I can get in the ‘creative zone.’ Allowing uninterrupted time to think is important – a step often short circuited in today’s multitasking business climate.

I free my mind of all constraints and boundaries. Anything is possible and every option is considered.

I challenge all original and previous assumptions and weigh the viability of each option no matter how outlandish it may seem. Only then do I move onto the next set of possibilities. Any idea, although potentially not viable by itself, may provide hints or notions that should be considered. Partial concepts are not overlooked because it could end up being a viable solution.

I methodically go from one potential solution to the next, looking for linkages, patterns and connections between them and to new concepts. I stay informed about novel ideas and new technologies, especially disruptive technologies, which can be applied. 

Conditions change, information increases and opportunities arise when new technologies get developed. Ideas that were not possible to implement before or simply wouldn't have worked may now be possible.

Using this creative process challenges the status quo and is difficult at times, but unleashing your creativity is rewarding when it leads to discovery and problems solutions.

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