Rick Miller is a member of SAE International, ASME and vice-chairman of the Vehicle Gearing Committee of AGMA.

Rick Miller is a member of SAE International, ASME and vice-chairman of the Vehicle Gearing Committee of AGMA.

About rick Miller

As president and sole member of Innovative Drive Solutions LLC, Rick has 40 years of experience in the gear industry, including 37 years with Oerlikon Fairfield Mfg. Co., the last 16 years at chief engineer. 

As a mechanical engineering design professional, Rick has helped clients across the United States and around the world with his gear and gearbox design and analysis expertise, creativity and out-of-the-box problem solving abilities.

Areas of expertise include gear noise reduction, gear manufacturing sourcing, program management, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) certification,and gear, gearbox design and analysis.

Rick authors 'Tooth Tips', a monthly column in Gear Solutions Magazine. 

Patents granted

Dual Rack Output Pinion Drive, United States Patent No. 9,531,237 issued on December 27, 2016. This invention is intended to be used for the lifting and lowering of the legs of off-shore oil rig platforms. 

Torque Sharing Drive and Torque Sharing Process, United States Patent No. 9,145,956 issued September 29, 2015. This invention is intended to be used for the lifting and lowering of oil rig platforms.

Gear Reducer, United States Patent No. 4549449 issued October 29, 1985. This invention is a two-speed hydraulically shifted planetary speed reducer.

"Being a mechanical design engineer provides an outlet for expressing my creativity and problem-solving skills. In working with both technical and non-technical clients, which I enjoy, I get excited by delighting my customers when achieving excellence in solving their most difficult problems and by creative something that never existed and watching it get manufactured and assembled." 



Innovative Drive Solutions LLC is a proud member of the American Gear Manufacturers Association.


Partial list of customers served

Tesla Motors, Bendix Commercial Vehicles, Crown Equipment, Supreme Integrated Technologies, Engineered Propulsion Systems, Indian Motorcycles, John Deere, Victory Marine LLC, General Electric, Cummins Engine, Caterpillar, Terex, Komatsu, Hitachi, Sany, Joy, JLG, Genie, Gusto MSC, Raymond, Agco, Oshkosh Truck, Bombardier, Arvin Global Solutions, KitchenAid, Doosan Moxy, Maddy & Associates.

Partial list of over 300 original gearbox designs created by Rick Miller

  • Wind energy speed reducer planetary drives 10KW to 1.5MW

  • Complete product line of oil well pumping unit speed reducers

  • Passenger elevator drive, double reduction helical; low noise

  • Large airport runway snow blower planetary auger and ribbon drive

  • Series of forklift truck main drive transmissions with helical and spiral bevel gearing

  • Large off-highway haul truck planetary main drive system wheel drive; 1900 HP, 300 ton, 10 million inch output torque

  • Underground mining and equipment; cutter head drives, main propel drive

  • Medium and heavy duty articulated haul truck transfer case; two speed with multiple helical and beveled gearing; two differentials and pressure lubrication system

  • High-speed (50,000 RPM) gas turbine drive for electric power generation, with double reduction helical gears

  • Multiple stage high ratio planetary and output rack and pinion jacking systems for large off-shore oil exploration work boats / lift boats

  • Main drive system for commuter train

  • Cutter drive for tunnel boring machine

  • Snow groomer planetary main drives

  • Skid steer main drive and track drive

  • Aircraft pull tractor main drives

  • Hay bailer main drive gearbox

  • Vibratory pile driver gearbox

  • Cooling tower gear drives

  • Cement mixer drum drive

  • Water pump drives

  • Feed mixer drives

  • Winch drives

  • Track drives

  • Differentials